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Bezpłatne poradncitwo SYNAPSIS
SYNAPSIS: Bezpłatne poradncitwo SYNAPSIS
04-04-2012 12:15

świadczone w Fundacji SYNAPSIS
w ramach Ośrodka Informacyjno-Prawnego:

Telefon do Ośrodka Informacyjno-Prawnego
Fundacji SYNAPSIS: 022 825 01 34
e-mail ogólny:

SPOTKANIA OSOBISTE – po wcześniejszym umówieniu

tel. 022/ 825 01 34

Zakres pomocy:
•zdrowie i rehabilitacja
•pomoc społeczna
•prawo: administracyjne (postępowanie administracyjne), rodzinne (alimenty,
władza rodzicielska), karne (przemoc domowa)

tel. 022/ 825 86 33 wew. 109

Zakres pomocy:
•wsparcie psychologiczne rodziców oraz opiekunów osób z autyzmem
oraz osób z autyzmem i Zespołem Aspergera
•zachowania trudne młodzieży oraz dorosłych ( stres, agresja, nerwice,
stany lękowe )
•informacje na temat placówek ( szkoły, wtz, ośrodki, poradnie. itd.)
•konsultacje dotyczące motywacji oraz automotywacji
•zaburzenia adaptacyjne

z zakresu pedagogiki terapeutycznej
tel. 022/ 825 01 34

Zakres pomocy:
•metody pracy z dzieckiem, praca z dzieckiem w domu
•pomoce wykorzystywane w pracy z dzieckiem
•organizacja otoczenia dziecka
•trudne zachowania
•informacje nt. placówek edukacyjnych i terapeutycznych dla dzieci z autyzmem

Tel. 022/ 825 86 33 wew. 109

Zakres pomocy:
•informacje na temat stosowanych interwencji żywieniowych u osób z autyzmem
•wyjaśnienie, dlaczego specjalistyczne interwencje żywieniowe mogą pozytywnie wpłynąć na organizm
•przeprowadzenie analizy sposobu odżywiania, następnie korekta
•informacje na temat badań diagnostycznych, wskazanie placówek w których badania można wykonać
•wsparcie w stosowaniu specjalistycznych diet (np. propozycje przykładowych przepisów, potraw, jadłospisów)

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The average household in the usa will recycle four pounds of trash per person per day, according to Planetpals. So family portrait of four will produce approximately sixteen pounds of trash daily and 112 pounds weekly. It does not take much effort to realize how soon that quantity adds up. And that is just one family.

What things can the common family brought on by reduce its waste without cramping its lifestyle? The following are some ideas that don't take much effort or simply cash but will help a family begin reducing its carbon footprint.

PLA (which refers to polylactic acid) is a cornbased plastic product. It's and feels much like conventional petroleumbased plastic, but it's better on your environment. It comes down from a renewable resource (corn) and biodegrades, unlike regular plastic. A lot more firms are utilizing this plastic, this is often included in the produce section (look, to illustrate, at looseleaf lettuces). The packages will in most cases indicate likely constructed from corn; confronted by a very need only look at the labels. Cornbased packaging can be often known as "bioplastic."

Buy and rehearse Reusable Produce Bags

Many people are familiar with reusable cloth shopping bags, but wait, how some people buy and rehearse reuasable produce bags? In most situations consumers will notice, unpacking the groceries at your home, just how much waste is generated by their purses, they also sometimes don't feel the waste their produce bags create. It could be simply because the bags being used prior to produce has finished, which might be described as a week or possibly a week later.

However if people noticed how many produce bags they threw away, they might be inclined to try reusable bags. 3B Bags makes reusable produce bags. The luggage are seethrough like traditional plastic produce bags but fortunately they are "breathable." They have also been hand or machine washable. Consumers who already use cloth shopping bags can easily add these smaller ones on the bunch whenever they look at the supermarket.

Yes, Bigger is best and a lot more Equals Less On the subject of Packaging

It is something all of us have heard time and time again, however is a good idea. In cases where a family uses a particular item lots, you should discover the larger size? It implies less packaging, which translates to mean less waste, but more product and usually less cost for that amount. Not surprisingly, if the family is not going to [url= /]Prada Handbags[/url] employ all within the product before it goes bad, therefore it is foolish to invest in larger. So why not buy the bigger measurements laundry soap? It won't go south. Why don't you purchase the larger package of tissue? It is going to get used eventually. But imagine less packaging!

Families Can certainly create Difference

Loads of families recycle. Some compost. There are many things people can achieve, one family at the moment, and in most cases the easiest, easiest solutions work most effectively. Where a person knows that she creates four pounds of trash every single day, you can note that every little change can produce a huge difference.
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